Monday, June 30, 2014

Pretty exciting news!!!!!!

I hadn't told anyone this because there wasn't a definite in the plans but now that I know for sure, I'm telling everyone!
I've seen plenty of book covers out there in the writing world that have fabulous couples on them. So many creative artists take stock photos and create these beautiful covers to die for. And end up seeing the same model on ANOTHER cover.
It's like a slap in the face to that other authors book cover. I think its kinda sad when you see two books with the same model on the cover and even sadder still when readers get turned off by this.
So I got to thinking and talking to my good friend Angie. She told me to contact the lovely and talented photographer; Tava from Georgia Skies Photography.
So I took her advice and did just that. I told her what I was looking for in this new book cover for, Who We Were. I explained that we would need a couple and I explained what they should look like. This girl delivered!
We have two models; Grayson and Jessie. Grayson is the epitome of country boys and fits my male character to a T. He's a football player, how perfect, and he's stunningly cute.
Jessie fits my female character so well that I think she was made to portray Sadie on this cover. She's blonde and tall and gorgeous.
The good news is that the photo shoot will happen this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm slightly excited, can you tell?
As soon as I can I will share the photos of this awesome shoot in some sneaky peaky's.
In the meantime go to Georgia Skies page on Facebook and give her a 'like'. Maybe if we're lucky Tava will tease you a little with some photo action between the models.

Remember: Who We Were is coming out September 15th and I am looking for bloggers! If you're interested in sharing the book cover/participating in the release keep an eye on my Facebook page for the link

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