Thursday, June 30, 2016


***Frequently asked questions***

I get asked these questions a lot. I hope that by doing this blog post I can then answer some for you. Here we go:

1. How did you become an author?
This is the most frequent question I'm asked. I don't tire of this question, but my route of becoming an author may differ from yours or other authors.
I started dabbling with writing as a young age, like twelve, but I was first published in 2010 by a horrible publishing group, who stole my money. I won't say names, but I will say, don't be like me. Do your research before you sign a contract.
I went with a small press, Anchor Group, after my issues with the old one and I have been with them ever since. The way I found Anchor Group was by fate. I was incredibly lucky and they have helped me along the way.
If you want to become an author I suggest these three things;
1.Write your book and write it well.
2. Research which way you would like to publish. There are many options out there; self-publishing, small press, agent, large press and more.
3. Assemble a great team of beta readers, friends, and supporters because you will need them to get through.

2. Where do you get your inspirations and ideas from?

Some of my books come to me when I'm showering, or even driving. I can get inspirations from all over. Music helps me get into the writing mood and it helps my ideas flow. Art can be helpful as well. I find that doing something peaceful helps bring out the creativity in me. That differs for everyone, though.

3. Why do you only write YA?
 I actually don't just write Young Adult. My first book series, The Past Lives Series, is an Adult series but many people don't realize that.
My other books are all Young Adult and I guess I write that genre because it's what I resonate with. I think that I can relate to teen fiction because I feel inspired by the young mind. They can go through so much in their teen existence and they are able to grow as people easier.
I read mostly Young Adult, too, so I'm attracted to it.

4. Will you read my book?

I have always been a huge supporter of other authors. I share their work, I follow their pages, and I try to lend advice whenever I can. I also purchase eBooks if they're on Nook. But I can't promise I will be able to read your book and review it.
Not only am I writing my own book and reading from my huge pile of TBR's but I'm a mom and I have a job. Needless to say I'm not the one to ask to read and review; it will take me forever.


5. Will you write about my life?

I've gotten this question three times. My answer is simple; No.

6. You must make a whole lot of money, why don't you quit your job? Can't you just write full time?

 "Sure!Why didn't I think of that?"
Trust me, if I could quit my job to write full-time, I would. Authors do not make a lot of money. Some authors make no money. And then comes the question, "Then why do you bother?"
Because I want to, that's why.
The simple truth is that this is a flooded market with books being released every day. If you want to be rich, do not become an author. If you are creative and you have a story to tell, but you aren't looking to make a ton of money, then by all means write.
That doesn't mean we don't make money. Some authors do really well.
I am not one of those authors. When I release a new book, I have to spend money to make money.
Being a writer isn't just writing and then you're done; you have to promote your work. How will anyone buy your book if they can't see it?


7. Can you send me a free copy of your book?

I hate this question. I think this question offends all authors. It goes along well with #6.
Do you work for free or do you expect to get paid for your job? I'm pretty sure it's the latter, right?
You do a job and you collect a paycheck. Well, it's not rocket science, here. I wrote a book, and if you want to read it, you'll purchase it.  I won't just send you one because you really want it. Sorry.

8. Will you host a giveaway of your book? I really want to win it and I don't have any money.


Yeah, no. I won't

9. When will you write ____________?

I totally understand I have kept you waiting a long time for certain books. I can't just write when I am stuck and certain ideas have me stuck. Trust me.
If my muse doesn't come to me, I can't write. It's frustrating as hell.
I will get to it, eventually.