Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Book signing!!

I have just been notified that my books will be available on Barnes and Noble's shelves! This is such great news. I am living in such a fog, that I myself don't believe the news! My first book signing has been booked for September 24th @7pm. Yay.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Book Friday Dawn Gray, S.P.I.R.I.T.

When Samantha Ricketts finds herself placed in a town half-way across the country, her only worry is how did she get there. But when her life is saved by a handsome and mysterious man, the connection they feel is almost more than she can stand.

Zander Smith was only acting on his instincts and training when he moved the dark-haired woman to safety but what he got from his heroics wasn't the distressed woman he had thought he was helping but a fireball of fury that sparked a storm within himself.

Together they tap into the supernatural to uncover the mysteries surrounding the strange town they were slowly growing fond of before they became part of its history.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm going on tour

Well a Blog Tour that is. Yep taking me and my book and heading out into the virtual world of book blog tours. I will be doing some giveaways, interviews and letting you all in on some info about me. Want to follow the tour?
The first stop is August 7th

August 8th Phenomenal Reads

August 9th Ponderings, Politics and Prose

August 10th Ali’s Book Shelf

August 11th Farah Evers

August 13 Andi’s Book Reviews

August 14 Books, Movies, Reviws Oh My!

August 15 Paranormal Reads

August 16. Uniquely Moi Books

August 17. The Cover and Everything in Between

August 18. Alchemy of Anne’s Anomalies

August 19. Lovetiggi’s Blog

August 20. 2 Read or not 2 Read

August 21. Kristy Centeno