Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why I broke up with Goodreads

When I first became a hardcore bookworm, I searched for a site where fellow bookworms congregated and were able to talk about the books we had in common. I stumbled across Goodreads one late night and my addiction to books only got worse. I found myself adding more books to my TBR shelf than I could possibly read in one year.
I discovered the authors that I came to know and love and also got some information that helped me become an author.
The beginning of my Goodreads relationship was fabulous. I was happy and elated to go on and review books; to keep track of my reading goal. Thinking that someday when my daughters were old enough, I'd start their own account so they too could feel this satisfaction. Reaching the reading goal and feeling proud of yourself was something to share.
Then I became an author in 2005
That's when things went south.
Trolls began to hover over my books and leave rude nasty comments and reviews in which I was told to never, ever respond to. No matter how hurtful or how rude. "Don't fall into the trap. Don't be that author."
So I listened. I never responded even if they were bashing me personally without ever knowing me that way. Hurting my very soul because they hated, and I mean hated, a book I poured a bit of myself into.
Do you know how hard it is to not stick up for yourself? To always be put down but not be able to fire back. It's like the school bully beating you up and you are not allowed to ever hit back.
Because, God forbid I do, my career could end.
So I found myself staying off Goodreads. Rarely going on to leave reviews for the books I've read; which used to be something I adored. Not finding out about the new releases by my favorite authors or able to join in conversations.
My relationship to Goodreads had officially become awful.
Reading the reviews of my own books was like watching a scary movie where you go into it covering your eyes, but wanting to see how terrible it really was.
You can't help but look, but cringe when you see the massacre on the screen. There were the few good even great reviews that kept me coming back. I needed to read those to keep up the morale.
But then you scroll just a little too far and see that one star or two star review that has nothing to do at all with your book, because they haven't even read it, but they felt like bashing the 'idea' of your book.

Are you for serious? Like really?
Who let's this go on?
Obviously Goodreads doesn't care that the authors are getting these reviews. They couldn't care less, because they have other things to do or to worry about. But I bet if I responded to a review, they'd care. Right?
So I decided that it was time to end this once and for all and break up with Goodreads. I do not go on anymore other than to add my book. I don't read reviews; not even the good ones.
I took the GR app off of my phone. And I no longer review my favorite authors books, which is such a shame. I don't update my status of my current read, which sucks royally because I can't remember what I read this year. I don't add videos or chat in the groups that I used to.
But you know what? I survived. I feel better without all the bullying and the harshness of GR. I know who my true fans are and that if they loved my book, they'll tell me and that keeps me going. I do not need to read the reviews anymore.
And as for letting my kids add an account, it's not happening. Not ever. GR has become as dangerous as any other social media site in my opinion. And if they want to talk books, they can do that at home or school.
As for Goodreads and my future with them...I have only two words;
Bye Felcia!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Slumber Duology is what?

The Slumber Duology started with Slumber and with a bang! I hit International best seller on Amazon within a day, which solidified the books standing in the fantasy genre. I wrote the book I had been always meaning to write. The ONE. Yet, it still wasn't the one to put me on the map.
But that was okay with me. I was content and happy to have the following I have.
Awaken ended the duology and I brushed off my keyboard a happy writer after hitting best seller in the US.
Was I on the map? Sort of, but not in the way I wanted.
I sat back recently and looked at my life as a mom, writer, wife and person. Was I happy?
Did I have to be on the map?
The answer to both was; no.
I wasn't happy that I obsessed with being a famous or semi-famous author. Why did I have to be that anyway? That's not what writing was about for me. I had seemed to lose what I really wanted when I set out to be an author. I was losing touch with the 'reason for writing books'.
I saw friends who started out at the same time as me and they were doing really well; better than me. I was making a competition out of it and that's not what I want.
Why did I find the need to be famous all of a sudden?
Because eventually you want to hit that goal of yours. My goal was to someday hit NYT best seller. But it may never happen.
It still could, but what if it didn't?
So I made the decision to take a little break. I want to find that spark that I had when I wrote Who We Were. The one that had me wanting to write good books not because of the fame or because I wanted to be on the map, but because I wanted to write books for readers to enjoy.
I'm currently taking that break and I'm not really writing much.
The stress is lessening and the happiness is returning. I'm a better mom because I'm on the computer less. I'm a better wife because I'm not constantly on the computer at night.
I do not want to push myself to write this next book. It won't be good if I do that. I don't want to write crap just because I feel the need to write a book that comes out in the Spring.
I want to write a book from my soul like I did with Slumber and Awaken and even Who We Were.
 I love those three books but I can honestly tell you if I write a book now, it won't be as good.
My soul won't be in it.
Is it safe for an author to take a break? I don't know.
Am I worried fans will forget about me? Yes.
But is that all that matters? No.
When you become a writer your fans are your lifeline to the book world and making them happy is important but in life, that's not all that matters. Life is short and precious and I've seen good people leave too early. I want to make my mark on this planet for the short time I'm here, but I refuse to sit back and watch from the sidelines. I want to be out there living.
So until next time, read on, live best, and love more.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Slumber Read-Along

So I've partnered with City And A Book to do a read-along for Slumber before the release of Awaken. I hope to see you there smile emoticon There will be a chance to win prizes and discuss the making of the book.

Join here

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hot Summer Nights 2

Welcome to the second book taking place on Dasia Island! In these six short stories by bestselling and award winning authors, passion ignites between people from all walks of life, with stories ranging from romantic comedies to paranormal love stories.
The Stories:

Gold Digger by Elise Marion: A hardworking man, Derek Brown has always dreamt of owning his own business someday. Now that his goal is nearly within his reach, the last thing he needs are complications. Yet, one very beautiful distraction named Chantel Green will prove too hard to resist. On the surface, she seems like a shallow gold digger, milking her rich boyfriends for cash and material things. Yet, when he delves deeper, Derek will discover than Chantel is not at all what she seems. Even so, their differences might be too great to overcome. That doesn’t stop Derek from hoping he can convince Chantel to abandon her superficial lifestyle for something real—a life that just so happens to include him.

Walk of Shame by Casse NaRome: Fokai enjoys the simple life. He works hard to take care of his younger sisters, and that's all he wants. Until Stephany Larks struts into his life.
Stephany is an overworked model from New York who's looking forward to unwinding before her new modeling agency opens. The last thing she expected was to meet Fokai and fall for his native charm.
Stephany can bring the right amount of chaos into Fokai's life . . . unless he blows it first.
The List byC.E. Kilgore: Samantha hasn’t had much luck when it comes to love. Of course, she’s never had much luck, period. Known as the Queen of Catastrophe, introverted Sam thinks her luck might be changing when she wins an all-expenses paid trip to Dasia Island. With a crazy to-do list written by her best friend Jack, Sam sets off on her first real adventure in years. After a stuttering start involving food-poisoning and a run-in with a very large spider, she meets Jason, the guy of her dreams made real. As the list gets checked off, item by item, Sam wonders if Jason can help her check off item twenty-two, which involves surf, sand and someplace secluded.

In Perfect Harmony by Carly Fall: Lyrik Perry, head of the band Moonlit Road, is ready for a vacation after the band’s year-long tour comes to an end. Wanting to get away from the temptations of drugs, sex and rock n’ roll all around him, he remembers a time five years ago when he’d truly been happy—on Dasia Island—and decides to go back, hoping he’ll find the woman he left behind, but never forgot.
Harmony Ryland has suffered a debilitating loss. After overcoming her shock of Lyrik stepping back into her life, they share the memories and laughter of their past.
As one of Dasia’s mysterious legends comes true, it helps Harmony move on. Yet, a phone call forces Lyrik to make a decision: does he give up his band, or Harmony?

The Crossroads of Broken Dreams by Zee Monodee: Dr. Owen Cairns has loved and lost--until the day the sea washes his missing wife back into his life.
But Thea is no human. She is Princess Estee, the future queen of the Elemental world of Edoras, and only here on Earth to bring her children back with her to inherit her legacy.
Evil is coming to all the planes of Earth, and war is brewing. There's no place in Estee's life for Owen. But Fate has other plans when he tears through the rift to follow her to Edoras. Can they pick up the pieces of a marriage doomed from the start?

Finding Her King by Natalie G. Owens: For otherworldly King Koras, death is only the beginning.
Nerissa Morgan was once queen of the noble Elemental kingdom of Edoras but all she wants is to blend into the earthly plane she now inhabits. When the ocean brings her the greatest gift of all one sultry evening on Dasia Island, the experience is bittersweet.
The greatest challenge of all faces the former royals. Will Koras and Nerissa regain the love they shared before death tore them apart?

Here are the buy links:

Barnes and Noble -
Amazon -
Smashwords -
Kobo -
iBooks -

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cover Reveal


My name is Paul DeLisle. I’m the guy who wrote this book. You've probably never
heard of me. That's okay. Most people wouldn't know me from Adam. But, unless
you've been living in a cloistered monastery for the last fifteen years, you
have heard of my band.

So begins the memoir of the
creation, rise, and current state of the multi-platinum recording artist Smash
Mouth as told by bassist Paul DeLisle. Well known for their hits “All Star,” “Walking
on the Sun,” “Then the Morning Comes,” “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby,” and “I’m
a Believer,” the band carried the spirit of a generation, but didn't stop
there. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look from Paul’s unique, there from the
start, insider’s view.

Launching in June! Will be on sale for only $0.99 for a LIMITED time!

Don't want to miss the release sale? Follow Anchor Group on Facebook for updates!

Friday, April 17, 2015

That's HUGE news

Benjaminoftomes reviewed Slumber...but that's not all, he made a video for it! AHHHHH
I love his accent, he's so adorable.
Just watch!
Thanks Ben


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

WINNER announcement

Two weeks ago I announced the Become a Character Contest for my next book, Awaken. Awaken is the follow up to Slumber. This character has been plotted out for months but I needed to know who she really was. So what better way than to hold a contest letting one my fans become her.
There were only eight entries but I'm glad people entered.
The rules were simple; take a selfie of you and Slumber, tell me a quick review and also who you think the character would be. And they HAD to have been emailed to me in order for me to keep track of entries.
I've assigned numbers to the names and then put these numbers into so that the winner was chosen randomly.


Here are the contestants with their copies of Slumber! 

And the winner is.........................................................................

Number 6  Shelly Muncaster

The character that Shelly will portray is a healer fairy from a neighboring village called Stirling. She plays a very intricate role in the saving of Rory's love interest, Sawyer.
I will have more information on this character late because I don't want to give away too much for those who haven't read the first book.
Thank you to all of you who entered!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Become a Character Contest

Have you always wanted to be a character in a book? Well now is your chance!

Book 2 of Slumber, Awaken, will be out this year. Depending on how fast my fingers will write it. But I need a character. Will you help me?
I need you to follow three simple tasks to be in the running for this once in a lifetime chance.
1. Send a selfie of you with your copy of Slumber (eBook or print) *you must be in the photo
2. Send me what you thought about Slumber *a short review
3. Send me what role you think your character will play*just for fun
Send all three to topic "character contest" by March 30th at 12 p.m. EST
You have two weeks to get these tasks done.
Good Luck!


Slumber is finally here!

The long awaited fantasy fairy tale retelling, Slumber, has been released! You can now get your digital copy via Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Nook and Smashwords.
It will be .99 for the first week, so grab your copy ASAP.
I'm proud to say, Slumber is an International Bestseller. I can't believe it. Thanks to all who purchased. I love you.
You can purchase your copy by clicking below.
If you're waiting for print, I promise it will be for sale soon and I'll send an email when it is. Amazon




         Did you review Slumber? Well then, email me the link to your review and be one of the lucky winners to receive a signed bookplate
Hurry, because this ends 3-23
Follow the directions above