Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fun Fridays-Fireworks

This 4th of July I've been given the task to give a small snippet from my book that is due out September 15th that includes 'fireworks'. It just so happens that I have dedicated a scene including fireworks. So sit back and enjoy the small, but special scene.

We made the trek through the woods on a pathway that was no doubt built just for the family. The dock sat right along the water. The lake was still, showing the moon in its reflection like a picture. Nolan threw a blanket out and we both sat. With the other blanket he wrapped it around the both of us together. I held one side, he the other.
A loud crack sounded and the burst of fireworks shot up in the sky. It was the most perfect show I had ever seen.
“This is … just beautiful. Thank you for having me here tonight.” I leaned my head on his shoulder.
“It’s only beautiful because you’re here. Normally I sit here alone.”
I closed my eyes picturing a lonely Nolan. “You’ll never be alone again.”
“Promise?” He held his pinky in the air.
“Forever promise.” I looped my pinky around his.

-Who We Were 
September 15th 2015

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