Thursday, November 20, 2014

Signed books!

Are my books on your Christmas list? Well, worry not, because I will be offering them for sale, signed.
I can't promise they will get to you by Christmas day, sadly, but they will be delivered as soon as they arrive.
This is how ordering will work;
Once I receive an order, I will check my stock. If I have it I will sign it and ship it out next day.
If I do not have them in stock I will order them from my publishing company. Once they ship to me, I will ship to you.
Easy peasy!
All you have to do is fill out a form of interest and I will contact you about your order. If I have it in stock, I will ask for payment right away.
If I do not have it and it has to be ordered I will ask for payment once I place the order.
Cost's are a listed below.

All Books (excluding novellas) will be 11.00 plus 2.50 shipping. I only take Paypal.
If you're interested fill out the order form on the side bar of the blog -------------------
Be specific on which books you want and personalization.

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