Friday, October 24, 2014

Zombie Crawl Blog & Giveaway

I've got plans for a new book, due out some time next year. Read on to learn about it, enter the giveaway and find out about the awesome Zombie Crawl Blogfest!!

The Survival Pact
     Four friends. Four different states. One pact of survival.
A promise was made one night while Kris, Angela, Lynn and Cheree had their first vacation together in Washington. At the time it was just a drunken joke after too much wine. The girls promised that if anything bad ‘went down’ they’d all find each other and meet in the Olympic National Park. They promised that they would survive; together.
       Six months later, the dead rose from their graves. Climbing from the dirt and breaking through tombs hungry for human flesh. It wasn’t a virus and no one became infected; they just died. There were more dead bodies than living and they outnumbered everyone. The four women remembered their promise, because it was that exact pact that kept them alive when the beautiful world they once lived in fell apart.
Traveling across the country to find each other they learn that they all hold their own unique skills to help them survive while they travelled, fighting the dead or anything else that threatened them. Can they endure together in the broken land or will it tear them apart?

Meet the ladies of The Survival Pact

 She’s the high-maintenance friend whose make-up is always perfect and her hair is never out of place. Lynn is the beauteous one aka the Southern Belle. But, don’t cross her or you’ll see Lynn’s tough girl side. She’d fight to the death and protect her friends until the end.  She may be a bit bossy, but she means well. She’s the planner who wants things to be orderly, even if the dead are climbing out of the ground. 

Kris is a novelist who spent most of her days dreaming up new books to write before the world went to hell. She loved to cook, craft and read. So there is no doubt that she has read and studied everything the girls will need to know. As far as getting her hands dirty, she’ll do it. She isn’t scared to shoot a gun, fish, hunt or fight. She’s just never had to live like this before. She’s used to her comfortable house and cozy clothes.  So when things went bad; she knew she’d have to learn to say goodbye to all the comforts of home. The girls will lean on Kris for their sanity as she’s the one with the ideas and good advice.

Not only has she studied prepping hardcore but she was on a survival show on T.V. She calls it her ‘proudest moment’ being stuck in the middle of nowhere forced to survive. So it’s second nature to her when they’re thrust into the same situation without cameras. She has plenty of guns, ammo, fighting skills and can help kill food. The only thing this survivor isn’t good at is being a sensitive girly girl. She may lose her patience with some of the girls, but you can bet your ass that she’ll be there to protect them no matter what!

The truthful friend who tells it like it is and is always right; that’s Angie. She’s from the south like Lynn, yet she’s no southern belle. Angie will do whatever it takes to keep these girls moving. She’s resident ‘Mama’ of the group. If anyone gets sick or hurt, she’ll have some remedy to help them. She’ll sit back and watch the other girls hunt and fish then make up a nice meal. But don’t push this Mama Bear or you’ll be sorry. 

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