Friday, May 9, 2014

Hosting Author Kasi Blake

The Order of the Spirit Realm Series

In a single night Bay-Lee has two visitors, a dead rock star and a reaper.  One comes with a threat and the other with a warning.  They know she’s on her way to being the newest student at Van Helsing’s school, where she will learn to be a great hunter like her father.  Before she can reach her goal she will face wraiths, an angry boy with a dark prophecy hanging over his head, and her worst nightmare: werewolves.  She’s determined nothing will stop her, not even a pair of jungle green eyes.

Her roommate is killed.  Her mentor doesn’t want to mentor her.  A border monster tries to kill her.  Nothing is the way she imagined it would be.  Students whisper behind her back, saying she’s cursed.  They want her to go home, but Bay-Lee isn’t going anywhere, not when she’s this close to getting everything she’s ever wanted. 

At Orientation, she learns she’s been given the rank of Bait.  Why?  Because that is all new students are good for, to be used as bait to draw out monsters so the ‘real’ hunters can kill them.  She realizes no one is going to take her seriously until she moves up to Hunter.  With that in mind and a few friends at her side, Bay-Lee is going to tackle a dangerous mystery.

Why are hunters dying on their birthdays?  If she solves it, she will move up in rank.  If she doesn’t... her birthday is just around the corner.

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When Hunter (book 2) opens, Bay-Lee is living in Maine with her uncle, and her mind is focused on graduating.  Her life would almost be normal if it wasn't for the fact her dead boyfriend is haunting her.  He wants her to return to New Zealand to Van Helsing's school for hunters, but she refuses.  

Then a reaper tries to kill her... maybe visiting her father wouldn't be such a bad idea.  

Warrior (book 3) is scheduled for release in July 2014.

The story continues two years later with Bay-Lee on her way to becoming a Warrior.  Her boyfriend is moody and distant, making her wonder how long they have before he is banished to the Spirit Realm forever.  She's certain she can't make it without him.  

Desperate, she pushes toward her goal of killing the werewolf pack that murdered her mother.  Nick insists she isn't ready yet, but what choice does she have?  Time is running out.  

Her eyes are starting to change to something less than human.  She's clocked too many hours in the other realm already.  It's now or never.  A werewolf is stalking her.  If she doesn't destroy them soon, they will kill her.  Why doesn't anyone understand?  They think she's suffering from a Freshman Meltdown, but she knows what she saw.  At least one werewolf wants her dead bad enough to risk being slaughtered by nearby hunters.

Born and raised in sunny California, Kasi Blake has always had a dark side, hidden from family and close friends.  She hides in her office at night, writing in the dark.  Part of her crosses over to other realms where she meets the most interesting and dangerous creatures.  You can find Kasi at her blog and Goodreads, FB, and Twitter.  She loves to hear from readers.

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