Friday, October 18, 2013

Top YA Monsters, in my opinion.

Being a paranormal writer, I find that I can appreciate scary books. I too like to be scared when I read a book. My favorite 'monsters' in the Young Adult Genre are listed below.


1. Jenny Pox-Okay sure, she's not really a scary monster, but the girl can kill you with her touch. That's screams monster to me.

 2.Anna Dressed in Blood- This terrifying girl literally rips a teen boy in two,'nuff said.
My review of Anna Dressed in Blood-
Fantastic start! I enjoyed the fact that a female author wrote a male character so well! Cas is a strong bad ass character who kills ghosts who stick around too long and harm and kill others. Not good!
Anna, oh Anna, I loved her but man was she evil. As far as the finish of this book, I felt it was a tad weak. That's my opinion, and I will continue the series. Maybe the ending was meant to be that way so that I will want to read the next book!

3.Zombies. Yes, I said the Z word. Now to list my two favorite novels featuring them: Hollowland and The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Many have tried to scare me with Zombies but failed. These two books got it spot on.
My review of Hollowland-This is a first for me. I actually fell in love with a zombie book. Amanda Hocking is an indie author with fantastic writing skills. Her first zombie novel in the Hollows is a smashing success.
It follows 19 year old Remy as she fights hordes of Zombies across the US. Remy's character is strong not only physically but emotionally as well. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. 

My review of The Forest of Hands and Teeth-
Terrifyingly great read and the first I've read of Carrie Ryan.

This will not be the last book I read of Miss Ryan's that's for sure. She captures the scary and somehow makes it beautiful. Only a talented writer can do that.

4.The Replacement-Mackie Doyle isn't human. Nope he hails from the 'underground' and these scary monsters eat babies. Yuck! But, the book was FANTASTIC.
My review of The Replacement-
This is the kind of book that u cant put down. It was haunting and thrilling. Mackie Doyle was such a great character. I loved that this isnt a trilogy  or a series and the book took me on a thrill ride with only one book.
I look forward to reading many more books from Miss Yovanoff. Her writing is compelling and dangerous. Great job!
Find the book here:
5.Clockwork Creatures-I couldn't help but get the shivers when I read The Infernal Device's by Cassandra Clare. You have to read it to understand.

6. Vampires-Not all vampires written in YA books scare me. Yet, some do give me the heebie-jeebies. Reign of Blood is pretty frightening and most recently The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Talk about heartless blood-suckers.
My review of The Coldest Girl in Coldtown-
Yes yes yes! This book is amazingly written and well thought out. I have always been a sucker for a good vampire book!!

Don't hesitate to try out my freaky books. While there are no monsters, there are ghosts.

I'd love to hear your favorite YA monsters. Feel free to comment below.

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