Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Para is my Normal!

I see an influx of romance, new adult, chick lit books pouring out onto the shelves lately. While I enjoy a good romance the popularity of it sorta stuns me a bit. Why? Because the genre of Paranormal used to be the 'in' thing. With titles like, Twilight, Beautiful Creatures, Mortal Instruments and more hitting the shelves and making the teens swoon over sparkly vamps and hot tattooed boys.( Who am I kidding I swooned as well) I recently had a chat with friend and author J. Sterling about her newest book that got a publishing deal, The Perfect Game. We talked about how we love to write what we love to write. In her words she told me, Don't sell out. What did she mean by that? Well she meant don't write what's popular just to get the sales. Write what you freaking love to write. For me its paranormal. And it's not like my books don't have any romance in them. Heck in my Past Lives Series is about a girl who's past life husband comes back for her in her current life. Are you gonna say that's not romantic enough? Well, in some circumstances my books are not very 'sexy'. Sure Avery has sex with her men but I chose not to add those scenes in my books. In my Visitor's Series, Brylee Branson moves from California to NJ and falls in love with the boy next door. If I had left out the haunted house she lives in then yeah it would be just a romance book. It's my preference to add the spooky ghost's and paranormal in my stories. As a kid I was one to flock towards the scary books and movies and I suppose I am still like that today. I do love romance but I choose to surround my couples in a world of make believe. Will I ever write pure romance? Who knows maybe some day but not any day soon. As I told my friend, I like to scare the sh*t out of people. That's the plain truth of it all. I love to write things that will make you think twice about going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. For me as a writer Para is my normal and I don't see it ever changing. Now I am among many many authors who write the same genre. That makes it harder to sell books because there are so many of us. To me that's a chance I will take. I refuse to sell out and write what's in. What kind of author would that make me? Not one that writes what she loves that's for sure. Now get back to reading!!

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