Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sneak peek into The Crimson Key

Unedited look into the next book. Enjoy:

He leaned down on top of me and kissed my neck slowly. It was times like these that I would miss with him. Being with him intimately meant being as close to him as possible. It was taking all from him that I could while I could. While he was here with me. He took off my shirt and ran his fingers lightly over my skin giving me chills. The good kind that you don’t ever want to stop. He slipped of his shirt and soon it was just his skin on mine reminding me what he feels like in the flesh. The memories of him and I would last a lifetime even if our bodies wouldn’t. The truth was that in that desperate moment while our bodies made love, I feared for how much longer I would have him with me. Sure I was only seventeen and curses shouldn’t exist. Ephraim was mine and I was his and no matter what, we would be pulled apart somehow. He felt it and so did I, that’s why we spent our many nights together. Against the rules of my parents, he snuck into my window. Against the thoughts and negativity of our peers we stayed together and endured. No matter what people would try to do we would never be apart. Until the end

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