Wednesday, March 20, 2013

blog hop Q&A


1. What is the working title of your next book?
The Crimson Key-Book 2 in the Visitor’s Series

2. Where did the idea come for the book?
Well this is a continuation from The Brown House. TBH came from all the stories of an old home my husband grew up in. The house was very haunted and I knew I had to write about it. So I am very thankful to my husband for all of his stories.

3. Genre?
YA Thriller/Suspense
4. What, if any actors would you star to play in a movie version of this book?
Well Zac Efron is totally Ephraim. No doubt about it. I don’t have a favorite for Brylee. I think Diana Agron might work.

5. What is a one sentence synopsis of the book?
The truth can be deadly

6. Who is the publisher of the book?
This book is published through Anchor Group Publishing. They are a traditional publisher made up of an amazing group of authors.

7. Would you compare your books to others out there, and if so what books are yours most like?
I think that it would be compared most to The Ghost Whisperer.
8. Who inspired this book?
My character Brylee is inspired by my neice Tayler. She is so much like her its crazy.

9. What else would the reader maybe like to know, or what might pique their interest?
This book is based on true stories. I took those and drew up my own fictional tale.
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