Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The look of the book

I've been wondering what makes a book cover so intriguing for readers lately. I have seen my share of awesome book covers grace the shelves and some of them wow me so much, I have to purchase.
I've also seen the not so wonderful covers that make me cringe and wonder; what the heck were you thinking when you made it?
I don't really want to be the latter so my question for you today is simple: What is it about a book cover that pulls you in?
Is it the couple or girl on the front?
Is it the font?
The colors?

My newest book, Slumber, will be self published by me and I'm hoping to put out another fantastic cover to lure you in. But this time it's different; there is more pressure to make it awesome.
So I'll post some amazing photos(none of which I own. All credit will go to the artists) and I hope you tell me what you love and don't love.
Let's play.
Found on http://teacupcakes.tumblr.com/post/63789909171
Found on Pinterest Credit to artist; http://quadratiges.deviantart.com/art/no-matter-how-far-260348775

Do you like faces? Do you like subtle body parts? Or none of the above?
Be honest and let me hear what you, the fan, thinks.


  1. #1 & #2 have a fairy tale feel to them. I like them.

  2. I like number 1 because it looks like she is sleeping & with the title of the book being Slumber, well it just kinda fits. I like the colors in picture number 2, maybe you could combine 1&2? As for picture number 3 I really don't have an opinion on it (not really sure how it would fit & make since of the story.) That's just my opinion though :-)

  3. I really like #1 but I love #3 it has more of a mysterious feel to it. While I agree with Ronda, the colors in #2 are gorgeous, feet gross me out so I
    would probably pass that one by.

    Melissa H.