Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Poem By Penny Freels

Penny Freels won the poem contest I held at my release event for The Unraveling of Avery Snow
Congrats Penny!
Stuck Replicating mannerisms I watch you Until it seems I can barely stand being in the same room. Imagination flourishes; Smooth skin tactile cotton soft Fingertips sliding- Causing goose bumps. Eyes tracking across the room Never departing from dimpled features and smiling enthusiasm. Gaze gliding across your smooth flesh You look at me, Intensity making observations almost tangible I wonder if you felt that? Following my eyes Heat travels from your thighs, Drifting higher And higher Explosion of realization as our eyes meet... Yet while you turn away Dancing languidly with clumsier friends I still can’t drag my attention from you. ____________________ Look deep inside your own candlelit reflection. See the fire ? You remember how it burns, full of light and life. Touch it, take it into your soul. Burns doesn’t it? With ecstasy if you do it right. But what if it goes too far? What if the flame becomes a wildfire raging through your heart and mind Uncontrolled ? Love is a flame. True love is a flame without reservations, without limits. Walk willingly into the inferno and expect not to be burned. Fool When the screaming has subsided and the ashes have been scattered you will still yearn for more ________________ Rolling from the nape of my neck to my toes Your lips upon me bring forth wonders I can't see Full of love and lust Twining and intertwining In and out of the hairs you tickle on my neck Your whiskers divine pleasure upon my skin Eyes closed, I can envision your fingertips Gently caressing my lips As your body draws me toward your heat My skin flushes beneath your gentle caress Chest heaving as I lose my breath and find it again In your fiery embrace I am lost and found over and over Open my eyes to your gaze As you dine upon the pleasure running over my face Limbs trembling with need Reaching for your desires Drawing you closer than physics would ever allow Within me you are reborn Friends extreme Lovers supreme While the miles may separate us This bond will never be lost Others shall comfort our mind and body Secure in the actuality that Our love will recreate the moon and the stars

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  1. So I was searching my name with poems to try and find a really old one I had posted years ago and this popped up. I never saw it! lol Thank you though :-) It is nice to know someone likes my writings :-D