Monday, November 19, 2012

My story as an author

This is something I hardly ever speak of. But I thought it was time to let everyone know the dangers of being scammed as an author. It's something no one ever thinks of, ever! I certainly didn't have any clue it would happen to me. Here is my story:
I had originally set out to self publish my first book, The Many Lives of Avery Snow. I had gotten my Nook and thought, 'It's time that I do this'. I had been sitting on the idea of Avery for years and getting that Nook gave me the push I needed. I mean honestly, why not? If I can self publish my own book, why not do it?
So I finished her story and I sat back and thought 'what now?' The  very first thing I did was start a blog. Then I started a Facebook page for my book. I had never intended on making money on my book, I just wanted to publish my story. Within two days of posting my information on FB two publishers contacted me. One asked for my submission and the other pretty much gave me a contract over the phone. My first mistake, I never did my homework on either publisher.
I went with the second publisher, they are no longer in business, but we will call them MP. MP promised me everything. A contract that in my eyes looked legit. I had a book cover, an editor, and was told I would be released to publish that January. I was over joyed, until they told me I had to pay for my publishing costs. In which I questioned. But their answers seemed understandable right? No! Second mistake, if you are truly published you DONT pay for your publishing!!!! What an idiot I was right?
So I paid, a lot of money btw. Anyway, I was published and promised royalties. I was also promised my own copies of my books for book signings. I told everyone they could get their copy. Heck I hadn't even seen my book yet, or held it in my hands. On the day the books were set to arrive, they didn't. I had paid for these books and not received them. Needless to say I was loosing my patience. I started to inform myself, something I should have done a lot sooner.
But MP was VERY persuasive. They made me feel like they cared about me and my career. They were good talkers. But then weird stuff would happen. Like disconnected phone numbers, other authors warning be to stay clear of them. But I stayed with them. I was loyal wasn't I?
Then the mother of all rocks came tumbling down upon me. MP decided that they didn't want to publish books any longer and they were selling their business. Holy OMG are you kidding me?
No I am not kidding, they were serious. They left me hanging and didn't care what happened to me.
Luckily I was in the same boat with author Stacey Rourke. She was one of their victims, along with Katherine Polillo. Stacey took the reigns and started a traditional publishing group, Anchor Group Publishing. I was so glad to jump aboard her ship! She runs a fantastic publishing company that is nearing their Sophomore year. We do not pay for our publishing!! And we get our royalties. BTW I never saw any of MP royalties from my book. They stole them all. I assume this because I have never seen a check. Even though they promised they would send it to me.
Here is the lesson here. Do not get so excited that you lose your head! Do your research! These predators are still out there and they will talk you dizzy.
I am happy to say that my books are doing quite well without the old publisher. I know that Anchor Group has my best interest at heart and I see hope on the horizon with my books.
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  1. They have started up again!!!!
    Look at the URL, and then their profile picture, and information!