Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tangled thoughts in one whole day

So for today I leave a post of all the thoughts that go through my crazy mind. I woke up with an inner peace about my job as an author. I even saw my Barnes and Noble book signing event on a flyer, which was pretty amazing.
Then in the afternoon the sense of dread filled me due to the nerves that overcome my excitement about the signing. What will I wear? What will I say? To be honest I am not a huge talker. Especially about my books. I get silly and embarrased. Yes I know it's something to be proud of, but come on, last year this wasnt my life and this year, BAM WAMO I am an author. Hey I guess I could talk abotu that?
By the evening and my last cup of coffee for the day I dread my daughter starting second grade. I hope I can manage writing and school work at the same time! I am also working on my next book! So super busy is how I feel right now.
So that's it! My tangled thoughts. Hopefully I can get this all figured out. I do think a good night's rest will do me some good.


  1. You were an author LONG before publishing came around sweetie. You are such an amazing person, everything will fall into place. With a little work and a LOT of love from all those around, this will be the greatest year for you, and it will only get better! <3

  2. Hi Christy! Great post. Congrats on your books. I'm really interested in reading The Many Lives of Avery Snow. What a neat premise. I'll be at the Author Meet & Greet on Sept 27th. I'm one of the children's book authors in our small group. Looking forward to meeting you.

    p.s. this will be my first Meet & Greet

  3. Jennifer Thank you! I look forward to meeting you!