Thursday, March 6, 2014

The fate of The Visitors Series

Many people know that The Visitors Series was not my first book series. I started writing in 2009 with The Many Lives of Avery Snow and got the idea for The Visitors Series' first book, The Brown House in 2010. So instead of dragging The Past Lives Series out in three books, I ended it in two beautiful books about past lives. I'm very proud of both of my series but the one that has my heart is The Visitors Series. The Brown House was the first in the series then The Crimson Key and finally the newest release The White Door. We mustn't forget the novella about Kayla, Unfound. So this series I gave you four awesome books that delve into the lives of my lovely characters: Brylee, Ephraim, Lynley and Kayla.
So what is the fate of The Visitors Series you ask? Will I continue the story? Will there be a book four?
All of you have asked and I will answer right here right now.

There will NOT be a fourth and final book BUT there will be a whole new trilogy about Brylee and her many talents. I will be continuing her story but this time it will not be a Young Adult trilogy, think Brylee grown up, it will be more of a New Adult trilogy. This new series is still untitled but as soon as I find the title I will blog it. These new books will follow Brylee after college working on her talents and helping people stuck here in their afterlife. She will also be helping the loved ones who seek to speak to the ones they lost. Will Brylee and Ephraim get married? That will be revealed in the books. I'm very excited to start writing it but I am in the midst of writing a Young Adult contemporary romance at the moment. I'm so happy to be able to continue Brylee's story but for now she has to go to college while I write a few books that I've had stored in my brain. They must be release before I go mad! Don't fret Brylee will be back!

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