Thursday, March 13, 2014

Divergent Friday

Many of us have read the Divergent series. We've all put the book down and had that thought; " If this were about me which faction would I choose?"
I've recently been asked by The YA Storytellers to make my own choice. I'm blogging today about which faction I would pick for myself. But before we begin take a look at my review for Divergent here:

Well written.Now one of my fave dystopian novels. Tris is a character that you love and hate. She is not WEAK. She is strong and powerful but her indecision with whom she belongs to frustrated me. In the end it all fell into place. This is a must read for all readers.
Abnegation-The selfless who's actions serve others.
Candor-The brutally honest.
Amity-The peaceful people who wish for a shared purpose
Erudite-Extremely intelligent
Dauntless-The brave. The strong. 

Who would you pick?

I try my hardest to be selfless in life. But sometimes that can be hard. As humans we tend to be a little selfish. 
Candor is right up there with Abnegation. I try to be honest but when it comes to hurting someones feelings with the truth, I'd rather lie. The Candor are brutally honest and I have to admit I can't be that honest all the time. 
Amity is a group of peace loving people. I could see myself fitting in there. Hey, I'm all for keeping the peace. Yet, when its time to fight for something you believe in I'd have to fight.
Let's be honest, I'm not super intelligent. I only like books for entertainment purposes so I'll pass on Erudite.
The Dauntless are some bad ass mothers man! Could I fist fight a guy? Could I jump off a building into a net below? Umm, no. I can be tough when I need to be but the Dauntless are crazy.
So when it comes to putting my choice in one faction, I just can't do it. I'd rather be all of the things above. I'd rather be factionless than belong to just one. 

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