Friday, June 6, 2014

My Top Ten Favorite YA Couples(in books)

I write YA, so it's safe to assume that I read or rather devour YA books. I'm a sucker for a good YA romance. Of course I love all of the same YA couples that most people do but there are a small few that I've come to realize aren't as popular as all of the rest and it's those couples that I adore even more.
So here is my Top Ten Favorite YA Couples (in books)

10. Ethan & Lena~ A human and a caster fall into YA love! Awe, so sweet. I adored these two. The struggles they faced were hard but eventually they came through stronger than ever. Did I like the movie? No. I actually do not like to discuss this, because it makes me mad. I love the writers and their work so I don't want to offend them by addressing the movie.

9. Clary & Jace~Yet another powerhouse YA couple who've hit the big screen. What a whirlwind ride it's  been for these two. First they're brother and sister and then they're not. Whoa! I mean WHOA! I've been rooting for this couple since the beginning and even when they were thought to be bro and sis I thought, "Hey this could work?" I know, gross right? But alas, they are not related and they can be together forever. Swoon. And yes, another movie that proves awesome. 

8.Mara Dyer & Noah Shaw~The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. This book was so intense and at the end of it all was a budding romance that I adored. I'm anticipating the next book, not patiently. I think it's time to re-read these books.

7. Abbey & Caspian~The Hollow Trilogy. Can girl fall in love with ghost? Um hell yeah she can! But that doesn't mean that it will be easy or that there wont be consequences.

6.Penryn & Raffe ~Angelfall. There aren't too many Angel/Human relationships that I can fall for but this one I can. Dude! These two are amazing and even though they aren't technically in a relationship you know they love each other.

5. Evie & Jack ~The Arcana Chronicles. One of the hottest couples in YA fiction. Holy wow! Now here is another frustrating couple. Jack can be a jerk sometimes but Evie is kinda a badass. She is also tied to Aric (Death) and I cant decide who i like more. Jack and Evie or Aric and Evie. God I hope I can decide soon.

4.Kate & Vincent~ Revenants Trilogy. So your boyfriend is a revenant and you have to sit by and watch him die and then come back to life, how would you take that? This couple has gone through so much that I literally sped read through these books just to find out what the heck happens. I even read this book while on a trip to Forks, WA. Yeah, I sorta cheated on Edward and Bella and had a book affair with these two.

3. Tessa Gray & Will Herondale ~The Infernal Devices. Do you see that this couple is more important to me than Clary and Jace? Yes, this couple is amazing. Shadowhunter falls in love with part demon part Shadowhunter. Love this story, oh yes I do. Even though Tessa is in love with Jem and meant to marry him, she did in fact marry Will. They lived together happily married for 60 years while Jem became a Silent Brother, the only thing he could become to stay alive.

2. Tessa Gray & Jem Carstairs.~ The Infernal Devices. I knew these two loved each other and I knew they'd end up together even if it took 60 years. Jem is turned back into a mortal and is no longer a Silent Brother. He and Tessa, his one true love, are together again! Swoon!!!

1.Edward & Bella~ You all should know by now that I'm a faithful Twi-hard. Twilight was one of my favorite YA books and the reason being; it brought YA to a whole new level. Twilight soared through the book ratings and showed women of all ages that YA is awesome and it's not going anywhere.
Not only did these crazy lovers prove their love would last forever(literally) they hit the big screen and proved that movies can be awesome too. Their love was so beautiful and I feel that no other YA love could be stronger. I want more Eddie and Bell's and I would happily buy up every single book S. Meyer wrote about them until the end of time. A lot of YA couples try to be like these two, but no one can be better than them, not in my opinion anyway.


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  1. Definitely some books I want to check out in your list. I thought a long time on adding Ethan and Lena to my list too, but I only did Top 5, so they had to get the cut. LOL