Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's darn hard to be a writer

I think the hardest part of being a writer is not the creation, writing, editing or anything like that. It's the struggle to get fans to read your book. Sure I have fans on FB, Twitter and Goodreads. I love them all. They make me laugh and smile on my hardest days. But actually hearing from them, the feedback of the book, is the BEST. When I hear, "Oh I loved your book." I get chills. Of course I get bad reviews too. Once I wipe the tears of defeat from my eyes, I move on. But getting people to spread the word is tough. I am known on FB, but am I known elsewhere??
Honestly I am just one of the many Indie authors out there. There are so many of us struggling to be "known" and to sell books. I don't want fame, I want to sell stories. To transport people to another world is my goal. I want to be able to help you escape the daily life you lead and throw you into my story world. God knows that's why I read. Help the Indie authors out and buy our books. Yes of course the huge published books are so awesome, but so are ours!!!
Okay with that said I am back to writing now :) xoxoxox


  1. I just read your interview on Karen Pokras Toz's blog and thought it was very interesting. I really like the covers of your books and they sound interesting. :)


  2. Jess,
    Glad to hear that you liked the interview. I love my book covers as well, thank you so much.